Counselling Services

Liz has a diploma in humanistic counselling and a wealth of experience and success in counselling mothers with postnatal depression. She is able to offer face to face counselling in Guildford and telephone counselling for mothers not local to her.
Her counselling techniques are very sensitive, gentle, and person centred for the mothers needs. As Liz has experienced PND herself she has a great understanding as to how dreadful the condition can be. She is able to normalise feelings, reduce isolation and reassure mothers that they will get better and give them advice in coping techniques.
For those women unable to travel to Guildford, Liz offers telephone counselling as a means of support to their recovery and is also able to visit local mothers in their own homes.
To speak with Liz in a one to one consultation please contact her on 07773 283556.

Click here to see some testimonials  from those who have benefitted from Liz's counselling.
Please contact Liz at for further details.