"I first met Liz when I was invited to participate in a support group for women for postnatal depression. As she facilitated this weekly group, I quickly saw the wealth of experience she has on the subject of PND. Once I began to see Liz for 1:1 counselling I began recover much more quickly as the sessions with her allowed me the open and confidential environment which I needed to make progress. She has always been empathetic, non-judgemental, and very client focused in the work she has done with me. Most importantly, she has given me the confidence to believe that any woman can and will recover from this illness. I would not hesitate to recommend a conversation with Liz to anyone who feels they are struggling to cope after the birth of a baby as the support she has given to me has proved invaluable."

"I have known Liz Wise for over seven years, and during that time have seen her support and help many women suffering from Postnatal Depression with complete commitment and dedication.
I met Liz in 2002 when I experienced the illness myself after the birth of my second child, and Liz made the experience much more bearable for me. She was able to put things into perspective when I felt unable, and showed me that I was in fact improving when I was unable to see it. She was kind and caring and very supportive- and a great comfort at a time when I felt very isolated and alone.
She is extremely knowledgeable about the condition, which was in itself reassuring, as she was able to convince me that however bad things seemed, they would in fact get better. Which of course they did!
I can thoroughly recommend Liz to any new mother experiencing this unpleasant illness."

'I am a 42 year old woman and I have three gorgeous children aged 14, 11 and 6 and have suffered from Post-Natal Depression after each birth. Sadly for me I didn’t meet Liz Wise until after baby number three when she became an invaluable part of my recovery process.
My PND was diagnosed very shortly after my third child was born and my GP and Health Visitor recommended that I attend a group counselling course lead by Liz Wise. I had not had that kind of treatment in previous times of suffering and it proved to be immensely healing. Liz is an amazing woman with incredible listening skills and is a great counsellor. She creates an environment where you feel comfortable enough to share your feelings without once feeling that you are not ‘normal’. I feel that either in group form or on a one to one basis her counselling skills are second to none. She counsels from experience and great expertise that comes from a great deal of hard work and commitment over the years to helping people suffering with this illness.
I would feel very comfortable recommending Liz to any woman, or man, suffering from PND - her great professionalism and depth of care and wealth of experience through working with so many sufferers, including herself, have made her one of the best Counsellors in this type of depression. It was a great privilege to have had Liz as my counsellor when I needed her most – I was very lucky. The sessions gave me some time each week to talk/think about myself and to help myself get better and to enjoy my new baby!'
'Liz has supported me through telephone consultations which have been invaluable to my recovery, I was able to speak to her on a regular basis, she was so reassuring and able to offer me lots of good advice, I would highly recommend speaking to her.'

'I organised a series of telephone conversations with Liz at a time where I was feeling quite overwhelmed by everything going on in my life. I had been through a very emotional period and it was all starting to catch up with me. Chatting to Liz meant that I didn't have to burden my partner with my thoughts and it allowed me to form an action plan. We worked through one problem each week and I came away every time feeling far calmer and better armed to deal wth my situation. I would really recommend Liz to people in a similar situation.'