PND Support DVD

Understanding Postnatal Depression

This informative DVD has been specially made for health professionals and parents and gives an insight into what postnatal depression is and its effects. 

The DVD identifies important signs, symptoms and individual feelings and thoughts as well as information of what support is available.

A series of personal journeys are also shared.

The programme has been produced by specialist PND counsellor, Liz Wise, who has experienced PND herself.

There are also contributions from a Consultant Psychiatrist, a GP, and a specialist Health Visitor and Trainer in PND along with parents who have first hand experience.

It is intended as a practical and useful guide for those who need it most and is available in VHS format as well as CD for the PC or MAC and DVD.

Three sample clips from the video are available for your viewing.  If you have a broadband connection just click on the links below. I you have a dialup connection we recomend you right click on each clip and choose "Save Target As"  before playing it.

Clip 1  Clip 2  Clip 3

Video Reviews

I wanted to make this video to raise awareness, to promote good practice, and to provide positive information about PND.

Liz Wise, PND Counsellor

There is a real need for a good teaching video for use in Primary Care and this is a great step.

John Cox, Consultant Psychiatrist, Stoke on Trent

Video is the most accessible source of info for professionals and mothers, so I’ll be glad to use this in my work.

Sheelagh Seeley, Trainer in PND

GPs are key in helping women on the road to recovery from PND - this video provides them with the information they need.

Dr Debbie Sharp, GP

Independent reviews

Natasha, a mother who has experienced PND:                                                

'The video is a good start in the process of recovery. It enabled me to identify with the symptoms I was experiencing and gave me a better insight into PND. It was reassuring to know that I wasn't alone.The use of real people and real experiences will help anyone watching it who has suffered or is suffering with PND and I'm sure they would relate to at least one of the mothers' experiences. It is a good way to get patients to identify with their symptoms and I believe it would encourage you to get that additional support.'

Marisa,Home-Start for Surrey Heath:                                                        

'Dear Liz, Just wanted to say that the PND video we ordered from you is excellent and will be a valuable resource for our volunteers. Many thanks.'

Philippa Jones, Director of Maternity and Nanny Training: 

'I watched the video over the weekend and found it really interesting.I particularly enjoyed the section with the psychiatrist and also watching the final section which we saw on the course. I think the psychiatrists' section gave an excellent overall objective summary of the condition which anyone could understand and relate to. I also liked the fact that you showed how a session with a GP would go, which would hopefully remove some of the fear for women not wanting to go. I have already recommended it to a couple of maternity nurses, but more importantly have given details to our course moderator who is a senior midwifery lecturer at TVU and also a breastfeeding clinic midwife at the RBH here in Reading - she was most interested. I think you have done an amazing job - it is so well thought out and so true to life. Well done!'