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Liz Wise

--- A UK leading specialist in Postnatal Depression Counselling 
Liz Wisw

You may know this story too well

Hannah is a mother who experienced postnatal depression after giving birth to her much wanted baby. She felt she was a terrible mother, that she wasn’t coping and was always comparing herself to other mothers. Hannah felt as if she couldn’t enjoy her baby or take care of her the way she wanted to. She felt like a failure, was highly anxious and often felt very low.


Thankfully, Hannah got help and is now feeling much better and like her old self. Many parents experience postnatal depression and anxiety after giving birth to their baby. It can be challenging for them to adjust to life with a new baby and sometimes grieve for their old life.

Some symptoms of postnatal depression include feeling down a lot of the time, not enjoying anything, feeling inadequate and worthless, and feeling as if you're not coping.

Anxiety is also a very common symptom of PND and some parents don't feel depressed but more anxious.

Approximately 1 in 5 mothers experience PND and 1 in 10 fathers paternal depression. It is a very common condition that is totally treatable.

However, when you're in it you are unable to see any way out of it and may be terrified that you'll never feel as you did before. You will recover and be able to enjoy life again.


If you are feeling this way, it is essential to get help. There is no shame in asking for support as every new parent needs help in different ways. There are many people who can support you through this experience. Talk to your doctor and health visitor about how you feel and please contact me for any support and advice. You are not alone on this journey, it's tough but you will recover.

What I do

I'm Liz Wise, a trained and specialist counsellor in postnatal depression and anxiety who's been supporting parents and families for thirty years.


I offer my services through individual face to face sessions, support groups, or video call counselling options depending on what the client needs at any given time.


I organise and facilitate PND training courses, which have been invaluable for organisations such as MIND, The National Childbirth Trust and Home-Start.

These courses can be tailor made for an organisations needs and i am able to travel to facilitate them.

I am also available to speak at conferences and since the pandemic I have taken part in many webinars for companies and organisations.

I am also available for motivational speaking.

Having experienced severe PND and anxiety after both my daughters; I truly understand how parents feel whilst experiencing this very debilitating illness.

I have a wealth of professional experience and personal knowledge that I can draw from to help parents through their battles with PND and am dedicated to supporting parents through their illness.

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Don't suffer in silence. Talk to someone who understands.
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Feeling overwhelmed after giving birth? You're not alone.
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Learn the skills to support parents experiencing postnatal depression.

Kind Words

"I first met Liz when I was invited to participate in a support group for women for postnatal depression. As she facilitated this weekly group, I quickly saw the wealth of experience she has on the subject of PND.


Once I began to see Liz for 1:1 counselling, I began to recover much more quickly as the sessions with her allowed me the open and confidential environment in which I needed to make progress.


She has always been empathetic, non-judgemental, and very client-focused in her work with me. Most importantly, she has given me the confidence to believe that any woman can and will recover from this illness.


I would not hesitate to recommend a conversation with Liz to anyone who feels they are struggling to cope after the birth of a baby as the support she has given to me has proved invaluable."

A personal note from me

I have created this safe space to provide information and support for anyone interested in postnatal depression. This very debilitating illness comes at a time when parents are supposedly meant to be happy and content, not depressed, anxious and perhaps unable to enjoy their new baby.


Having had postnatal depression and severe anxiety after both my girls and never having been depressed before or since, I can honestly say it was the worst experience I have ever had, thinking I would never be the same person I was before. I hope this site will give hope to those experiencing postnatal depression, support anyone going through it and provide general information about this illness. 

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