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Areas of Expertise


I'm Liz Wise, a trained and specialist counsellor in postnatal depression and anxiety who's been supporting parents and families for thirty years.


Many parents feel ashamed or embarrassed to reach out for help, however  postnatal depression is a recognised and treatable condition which affects many mothers and fathers. Health professionals are there to help so it's important you can speak to someone about how you feel.

 I offer a range of services that are tailored to meet the needs of each individual client and with personal and professional experience I'm here to help you through this difficult time.


I offer expert-led postnatal depression training courses for organisations that want to provide their employees and individuals with an interest in supporting parents with postnatal depression. 

My Approach

I'm a highly skilled PND therapist with 30 years of experience helping parents and families recover.

 I have a person centered approach to my work and always take time to listen to my clients and understand their needs.

I like my clients to feel safe and comfortable in my presence.


I really care about helping parents get through this very debilitating illness and have a lot to offer as a specialist PND therapist.

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My Approach
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